Preface to Radical Statistics

New contribution of Pr. ASAD ZAMAN

An Islamic WorldView

I have recently complete a new textbook on elementary statistics which rejects the century long developments based on the approach created by Sir Ronald Fisher in the early 20th Century. It advocates rebuilding the discipline on new foundations. In particular, statistics should be treated as a modern branch of rhetoric: the art of persuasion using data. The video/blogpost below provides an introduction to the ideas that went into the creation of this new approach. Because it is in early draft form, the entire course is currently available online for beta-testing from I would request especially teachers of introductory statistics in the Islamic world to go through this course and provide me with feedback directly or on the website.

The Ghazali Project is based on the idea that a Western education imparts a Eurocentric worldview, as well as toxic moral ideas, to all students. But it also imparts essential…

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