Statistics: An Islamic Approach?

An Islamic WorldView

On Thursday, 5th April 2018, I had a extended discussion for over three hours, with students and faculty of business and economics at the Ibn-e-Haldun University in Istanbul, Turkey, which has been launched with a view to re-integrate Islamic teachings into a modern education. I discussed themes covered at length in my lecture AM29 on “Origins of Western Social Sciences” which is 29th lecture in my Advance Micro course. This lecture explains how social sciences arose in the West after the rejection of Christianity, as an attempt to find alternative bases for the study of human beings and societies. The foundations of this approach are anti-thetical to religion, even though this is concealed within a mask of objectivity and rationality, which has deceived Muslims into accepting these sciences on face value. Once we understand these origins, the necessity for creating a radically different approach to social…

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