The Second Crisis of Knowledge among Muslims

An Islamic WorldView

14 Centuries ago, Islam Created A Revolution in the world. Teachings of Islam catapulted ignorant and backwards Arabs to world leadership. The teachings of Isalm led to the creation of a unique civilization which dominated the world for a thousand years. [shortlink for this post:]

The QUESTION of BURNING IMPORTANCE IS: Are these teachings relevant/valuable today? The answer, given in the ten-minute video, is also presented in the 1000 word summary below:

1000wd summary of Second Crisis of Knowledge:

Do the teachings of Islam have the same power today as they did 1400 years ago?

Unfortunately, Muslims today think that these teaching are NO LONGER relevant. They do not have the same power today to transform our personal lives and world, like they did 1400 years ago. It is indeed true that “Islam came as stranger, and will become a stranger” – the true teachings of…

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