64 Healthcare IoT Startups and Market Landscape

What's The Big Data?

CBINsights_HealthcareIoT.pngCB Insights:

Investor interest in IoT startups working in healthcare has grown hand-in-hand with the broader boom in digital health.

Increasingly, Internet of Things startups are finding new applications within healthcare and leveraging connected sensors to better diagnose, monitor, and manage patients and treatment. Many are focused on clinical-grade wearables to more robustly track patient data, while others see opportunity for sensor networks within hospitals and practices to optimize healthcare delivery and monitor patient adherence.

We broke down the healthcare IoT into the following categories:

Clinical efficiency

This category included startups that are using connected objects to improve the delivery of healthcare in hospitals and clinics, and also track treatments to boost the effectiveness of healthcare providers. Augmedix and Obaa, for example, enable smartglass wearables like Google Glass to be used for healthcare charting. And Simplifeye harnesses the Apple Watch for doctors to track patient visits and access…

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