Innovation: Ce que nous devons à Clayton Christensen, théoricien majeur du management

Philippe Silberzahn

Clayton Christensen, à l’origine des travaux sur la notion de rupture, est décédé le 23 janvier 2020 à l’âge de 67 ans d’un cancer. Il était un théoricien majeur du management, au même titre que des géants comme Peter Drucker ou Michael Porter, et ses travaux sont plus que jamais d’actualité à l’heure où les grandes entreprises continuent à trouver difficile de répondre aux multiples ruptures de leur environnement. Dans ce qui suit, je propose une synthèse de ses travaux pour montrer en quoi ils peuvent être très utiles.

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Generalizability in Case Study Research

Research Design Review

Portions of the following article are modified excerpts from Applied Qualitative Research Design: A Total Quality Framework Approach (Roller & Lavrakas, 2015, pp. 307-326)

Case study research has been the focus of several articles in Research Design Review. These articles range from discussions on case-centered research (i.e., case study and narrative research) generally — “Multi-method & Case-centered Research: When the Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts,”“Lighting a Path to Guide Case-Centered Research Design: A Six-Step Approach,” and “Ethical Considerations in Case-Centered Qualitative Research” — to articles where the subject matter is specific to case study research — “Case Study Research: An Internal-External Classification.”generalizability

One of the controversies associated with case study research designs centers on “generalization” and the extent to which the data can explain phenomena or situations outside and beyond the specific scope of a particular study. On the one hand, there are researchers…

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Economics as Moral Philosophy

WEA Pedagogy Blog

Among the many dimensions I have listed in “New Directions in Macroeconomics”, the most important is the moral dimension. If we take Adam Smith as the founder, economics was born as a branch of moral philosophy. However, modern economists claim that the subject is purely positive and scientific, and makes no value judgments. Before we can discuss moral dimensions of economic theories, we must counter this claim, and establish that, contrary to claims made by economists, the subject is deeply and inherently normative. The level of cognitive dissonance required to maintain that economics is objective and value free is much greater than that required to maintain that the earth is flat. How apparently rational and sane people can hold such a stance is in itself a puzzle. I have attempted to provide an explanation of this puzzle in Section 2 of “Islam’s Gift: An Economy of Spiritual…

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Is the Crisis of Economics a Crisis of Vision?

WEA Pedagogy Blog

by Dr Carmelo Ferlito

CEO – Center for Market Education, Malaysia

The subject of the crisis experienced by economics as a scientific discipline and its teaching is not new and a call for a reform centred on pluralism, multidisciplinarity and realism was raised by many scholars. However, economics remains under the spotlight for what it is interpreted mainly as the inability to understand and interpret the real economic world. Furthermore, so-called heterodox economists have often criticized mainstream economics on a pro-planning and anti-market basis (ideological ground), rather than with regards to the actual theoretical edifice; in fact, as pointed out by Geoffrey M. Hodgson (Loughborough University London), the neoclassical core of mainstream economics has been used to support socialism as well as capitalism[1]. In a nutshell, different policy recipes did not reflect substantial theoretical differences.

I will recur here to the great Joseph Schumpeter to hint something about…

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الربا في عشر صفحات

مدونة د. رفيق المصري

بسم الله، والحمد لله، والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله، وبعد،

الربا في اللغة والاصطلاح:

الربا في اللغة هو الزيادة، وليست كل زيادة حرامًا. مثال ذلك: الربح جائز.

والربا في الاصطلاح هو كل زيادة (أو نقصان) في مقابل الزمن.

تابع القراءة في الربا في عشر صفحات

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Post-Keynesian Response

WEA Pedagogy Blog

This continues from previous post on New Directions in Macroeconomics. Among the heterodox responses to the crisis in economic theory created by the Global Financial Crisis 2007, we will briefly discuss the following:  Post-Keynesian Economics, Modern Monetary Theory, Political Economy, Evolution of Global Finance, Ecological Economics, Complexity Economics, Islamic Economics. This post is about Post-Keynesian Economics.

The response of mainstream macroeconomists to this crisis has been disappointing; see for example Antara Haldar (2018) “Economics: The Discipline that refuses to change”. The failure of classical economics in the Great Depression of 1929 led Keynes to the create the field of macroeconomics, which was revolutionary many different ways. Unfortunately, as Romer remarks, the profession went backwards, losing hard-won insights. All of the revolutionary Keynesian insights (discussed in greater detail below) have since been rejected by the orthodoxy.  Similarly, there has been little or no response to the demonstrated failure of…

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Quartiles As Natural Data Summaries

An Islamic WorldView

[] – Part B of Lec 6 on Descriptive Statistics: An Islamic Approach.  A Fisherian approach to statistics begins by ASSUMING that the data is a random sample from a theoretical population characterized by a small number of parameters. Such an assumption has no basis in reality, but is made to make statistical computations possible in a pre-computer era. Because of inertia, this century-old methodology continues to dominate the field, even though advances in computational capabilities have made it obsolete. Instead of an assumed distribution, REAL statistics takes the ACTUAL data distribution as the central tool for data analysis. This actual distribution never belongs to any of neat theoretical family of distributions which make for elegant mathematical analysis. It cannot be written does on paper as a formula, but it can easily be computed by the computer. A visual depiction of the actual data distribution is the Histogram, which we…

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